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 A Better White Paper

The Advantages of a Two-Column Format

 Make your white papers appear more engaging and interesting to your readers simply by adding an auxiliary column where you would place photos, graphics and pull quotes.


   Decision makers among your client companies are busy people. White papers prepared with a word processor might appear long and boring, especially if they are all text.   

   Your document might be put aside for reading later.  It might not be passed to colleagues who would influence any purchase decision.

  A two column white paper provides areas to insert photos, graphics, quotes  testimonials and more.  Below is a page of a typical white paper in two-column format.  Notice how the graphics and notes complement the main content to the right on the page.


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Illustrations add depth and meaning to the text.
Remember your elementary school days?  You always liked books with pictures in them, didn't you?  They always seem to draw you in by creating images in your mind.  Well, it's the same with white papers.  Adding photos, illustrations, quotes, figures and third party literature will better draw your reader into reading the paper to the end.


Some  things you can add to the narrow column
  • a Table of Contents,  usually for documents of ten pages or more
  • Photographs and Graphic Illustrations relevant to the text where appropriate
  • Pull quotes and anecdotes
  • Testimonials and quotes from recognized authorities
  • Charts and graphs.

Some  other advantages of a two-column format

The document is easily scanable  so that readers who are in the habit of  quickly looking at a white paper from top to bottom will have a good idea of what it is all about.  

The main text column is narrower  than that of a letter-format white paper, making the paper less tiring to read.  The reader can grasp entire lines of text at a time without shifting gaze from left to right.

  The document is read more quickly and the extra column of images and quotes enhances reading comprehension.  The paper communicates concepts better in less time.


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   I shall work closely with you in preparing the content and advising what photographs, illustrations and quotations you might want to provide to complement the main text about your proposed solution.

   Your potential customers will appreciate a well-formatted white paper that is scanable, has illustrations in the right places and subheads to indicate what each section is about.

 I don't just write your white papers.  I also...
  • format your page in the two-column pdf document

  • add your logo, photos and graphic elements as illustrations

  • prepare title or cover page

  • convert the Desktop Publisher document to a .pdf file 
    (you will receive both the .pdf and the editable publisher file)

  • develop an executive summary* of the white paper for use in a lead capture form on your company's web site.

* An executive summary is like an advertisement for your white paper.  It could be placed on your web pages or in Bitpipe, etc.  It is a paragraph or to that compels the reader to enter contact information and receive a copy of your white paper.


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What is a White Paper?

A white paper is a marketing publication that combines the style of an article or report and a brochure or magalog.  
The main purpose of a white paper is to generate sales leads and inquiries about the products and services of a company.
White papers are focused on a particular problem and a generic solution to the problem.  
The call to action is usually limited to providing contact information of individuals charged with marketing of a company's products and services.
Unlike consumer oriented advertising literature, there is no overt sales rhetoric. This appeals to the idea that people don't want to be sold to while they are seeking solutions.
White papers are written in such a manner as to be implicitly persuasive. This is accomplished by emphasizing at length the generic solution to the problem without naming the company or its particular trademarked solutions.














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