Writing Samples

N.B. Samples are presented as pdf files, a new browser window opens upon clicking the link.

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Sales Letters – Long-form Copy 

Here are some examples of long-form sales letters that have been adapted for use as web pages.  The call to action is an “Order Today” link to an online payment processor.  Each link opens a pdf file in a new browser window.You can also right-click to download the file.

Do You Need to See a Doctor to Lose Weight?
Audio program based on the new science of weight loss.This uses an indirect approach, commonly used in overmarketed segments like weight loss by acting to answer a question many overweight individuals ask themselves.

Secrets of Self-Promotion
Audio program on how to do well at finding clients for your professional practice during live events.  How to answer the typical question; “What do you do?” and how to carry conversations that will lead to more business coming your way.

Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
E-book for patients afflicted with irritable bowel syndrome. Pointers on diet, medicines, how to best communicate with your physician about your condition, but most importantly, How can you tell if you have IBS and not something worse (or not so bad)?

Prime Performance
A male performance enhancer marketed to men who were not satisfied with other such products.  USP – quantities of substances proven effective in clinical trials.  Many products have tiny amounts of multiple ingredients.

Freedom At Your Fingertips
E-book on acupressure, also known as finger acupuncture, used to treat psychological conditions like phobias, addictions, etc.
I myself used it to help me quit smoking.

Marketing Emails

This link opens a pdf file in a new window showing two typical marketing email messages. Click Here to view Typical Marketing Emails.  

Marketing Funnels (aka autoresponder series of emails)

This is a series or sequence of emails sent at varying intervals (No. days) after the reader enters name and email address to obtain a free eBook or some other gift. The first email, sent immediately after the reader clicks the Submit button, contains the link to download the eBook.  The remaining emails are each sent a few days apart.  Each email has a call to action (click on link to purchase). Click Here to view Funnel Series of emails. 

Articles and Blog Posts

The Need For a Universal Patient Information Service
A pdf file of an article on the advantages of a universal patient database system. Any health professional across the country can access patient health information.  No longer will you need to fill out a questionnaire when you go to a new physician or dentist.
Click Here to read The Need For a Universal Patient Information Service.

Remove Socialism From Our Vocabulary  The word ‘socialism’ has been used in so many contexts that it has lost any real meaning.  Run across the word and you wonder, What does this person mean by socialism?
Click Here to read Remove Socialism From Our Vocabulary.

Revenge of the Homeless on the United States  This is about the recent outbreaks of typhus in the homeless communities in Southern California due to lack of sanitation.  Garbage and human wastes have led to an explosion in the rat population, which carry fleas that spread the typhus germs.
Click Here to read Revenge of the Homeless on the United States