Help Communicate Healthful Benefits
To Your Prospective Customers

So you’re preparing to launch a marketing campaign for either a natural-source remedy or supplement, a health information product or some medical equipment, clinical data retrieval system or insurance.

You’re concerned that your writer might not be familiar with a particular health problem, might not effectively research medical topics, or make exaggerated claims of benefit not supported by quotes from reliable sources and other elements of credibility.

Here’s where I can be of help.

My name is Francis Ardi and I have a medical education, in fact
I have an M.D. degree and would naturally be familiar with various health issues and how to best present and discuss them.

My education also makes researching health topics more effective, especially nowadays on the Internet. I am also familiar with FDA and FTC guidelines for advertising various health products.

My copywriter training enables me to explain medical topics in a way that a typical consumer can understand.  I can adapt my writing style to the target audience from the general public to health professionals.

Writing Samples Available

I have links to some samples of my copywriting on this site for your perusal.  Please contact me if you have any inquiries about my specialized commercial writing services. Click on the Writing Samples menu bar item.

Francis M. Ardi
Tel: (1) 832-656-3721