Copywriting and Editing Services

Sales Pages* – Long Form Copy

Sales Letters for postal and online marketing campaigns.

Opt-In Pages* – also known as “Squeeze Pages”
A shorter sales letter with a form to collect names and email addresses to build a marketing list.

Web Sites*
Writing and editing for clarity and conciseness, plus search engine optimization (SEO) of each page.

Emails for Marketing

  • Solo Email Ads – email messages used in conjunction with sales pages with a link to a selling page.
  • Newsletters – messages sent on a regular basis like every week or month to stay on the prospect’s radar.
  • Autoresponder Series – a series of emails sent to a recipient who entered his name and email address on a squeeze page. 
  • Space ads – one-paragraph segments inserted in newsletters (yours or someone else’s) with the newsletter’s content.

 Pay-Per-Click Advertising
This consists of the ad text itself and keyword lists.
My role would be writing the ad copy within the constraints of AdWords, etc. and keyword research.

Articles, including Blog Posts*
Articles for various purposes from simply providing information to having an element of persuasion for marketing or other purposes. 

*  Written Copy and Content only.  No web development services.
Since web sites are created using different platforms, from HTML to WordPress, Joomla, Wix and other systems, Francis Ardi Copywriting does not provide web page or web site development services.
All deliverables are on MS Word (*.doc, *docx) files or as plain text (*.txt).
Links to payment processors and opt-in forms are done by web design service providers.
Talk to your web developer and indicate how you would like your web pages to be laid out.