A medically educated writer who better understands
the business of health products and services.

Some advantages of working with me include:

Understanding medical terminology enables effective research.
My grasp of medical terms makes it easier for me to research topics extract relevant facts from sources like university press releases and articles in professional journals.

Familiar with medical research practices.
The most common research method is the double-blind study for evaluating new medicinal substances. Results from such studies add credibility to claims in any product literature.

Explaining Medical Subject matter in understandable terms
My copywriter training stressed the importance of writing in a conversational tone, describing medical topics as if I was telling a friend about some new discovery.

Familiar with FDA and FTC guidelines
I am familiar with FDA guidelines on making claims of benefit.  A typical B2B copywriter would find the necessary research tedious and time-consuming. Such a writer may not produce as clear and concise copy and might not meet your deadlines.

Having an understanding of the sales process
After all, copywriting is salesmanship in print.  There is the same selling process and sequence as in-person selling.  It starts with generating interest, followed by stating and validating benefits, presenting the offer and closing the sale.

About my Education and Writing Experience

I received my MD degree from The University of Malta in 1982.
I completed my entry-level AWAI Copywriter training in 2005.
Since then I completed other AWAI programs.  I’ve been writing copy for health information products and supplements.Take a look at some of my samples to familiarize yourself with my writing style, especially in the health and medical fields.